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What to Buy and What to Skip in November

The biggest shopping month of the year is here! Before you charge up a storm, though, remember that not all “Black Friday Deals” are really worthy of the label. Here’s what to buy and what to skip in November. 


Buy: Headphones & Audio Gear
Tune into your favorite holiday jams with a pair of state-of-the-art headphones bought at a bargain price. Music gear is marked down in November, with sales on all things audio beginning as early as late October and lasting through Black Friday at the end of November.


Skip: Winter Clothing
The winter shopping season is just starting, so you don’t expect to see any deals on winter clothing yet. Wait another month or two before stocking up on cold-weather wear for the biggest savings.


Buy: Personal Care Items
Look your best without spending a fortune. You’ll find personal care and grooming items like razors, hair dryers, electronic toothbrushes, and more marked down in November. Treat yourself to new products for the holidays, or stock up on favorites you can use all year. 


Skip: Toys
You may be eager to cross gifts for little ones off your list, but you won’t find many deals on toys this month. Instead, wait until the calendar gets closer to the holidays to find buys on toys and games at lower prices. 


Buy: Electronics
Marked-down electronics give Black Friday its fabulous name. You can check out stores and sites of major retailers for discounts on large and small electronics from virtually every day of the month, but the best prices will only be available during Black Friday sale events. 


Skip: Jewelry
This is not the month to spring for sparkly purchases since most diamond and gold jewelry will retail at full price in November. Wait until the second half of February, when jewelry prices plunge up to 80%, to buy a beautiful new piece at a steep discount.


Buy: Gaming Consoles
Expect to see the best bundles with the hottest games at bargain prices in November. Surprise the gamer in your life with a new console and/or trending games, or indulge your own hobby with new gear and games. 

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