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Update On Recent Fraudulent Activity

DoverPhila Members: Upon further investigation, it is apparent a skimmer was installed on the ATM at our New Philadelphia branch.  The estimated exposure window for debit cards is February 22, 2018 through February 25, 2018. As a precaution, we checked our other ATM locations and they are free of any external devices.  If you suspect that fraudulent activity has occurred with any of your DoverPhila account(s), please contact us immediately. You can do so by contacting our ATM Department at 330-364-8874. We are diligently working to restore the missing funds to our member’s accounts and will close all impacted debit cards and reissue new ones.

We are currently working with the New Philadelphia Police Department regarding this matter.  As we have updated information, we will provide those details.

To help minimize potential fraud, please ask about (or download) DoverPhila’s My Mobile Money app – this will help to control and monitor debit card usage anywhere and at any time using your smartphone.

Scams are on the rise and take many forms. DoverPhila would never call or text to ask for your account and debit card information. If you receive an unexpected call or a text from someone claiming to be from DoverPhila, please ask questions to verify that it is a representative. If you are unsure, call us at 330-364-8874 to confirm. Learn more at our Fraud Resource page. Learn more>>

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