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Youth Accounts

You are never too young to start learning good financial habits.

That’s why we have developed two youth accounts that “grow and mature” along with our youngest members.

Teach your child the power of saving

DP Savers Club
DP’s Kids Club
Youth Week 2021

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DP Savers Club

For teens ages 13-17

Whether you’re babysitting, mowing lawns, work a part-time job after school or receive an allowance, chances are this is the stage of life where you’re earning money for the first time. Learning how to manage your money now will pay dividends throughout life. With a DP Savers Club account, you’ll be able to develop solid money management, budgeting, and good credit practices.

Now is the time to start saving and looking toward your future. A DP Savers Club account will give you a jump start on achieving your goals.  If you’re saving for your first car or college, we’re here to help.  DoverPhila offers many products and services that will help you stay focused on financial goals.

Membership benefits:

  • Earn dividends on savings and checking accounts

  • Certificates of Deposit with low $250 minimum balance*

  • Fun and educational quarterly newsletter

  • Contests

  • Invitation to special events

  • Semi-annual savings incentive

  • Free access to Banzai – an award-winning, online financial program

How to join:

Simply open a DP Savers Club account with an initial deposit of $5 or more.  If you already have a DoverPhila account, you can transfer it to a DP Savers Club account. No additional deposit is required.  If you currently have a custodial account, you will need to open a separate DP Savers Club account.

Additional benefits:

  • At age 16, you can apply for a MasterCard® Debit Card+, with a parent joint on your account.  A debit card allows you to pay for purchases directly from your checking without the hassle of writing a check.

  • Online services consist of On Line-On Time® home banking, eStatements, online bill pay++, and Popmoney.

    • On Line-On Time® home banking is available to all members at no charge. You can sign up online or at any branch. Online access allows you to make transfers, view accounts, and make payments on your loan accounts with the credit union.

    • Online bill pay is also free3. This service allows you to make payments to anyone.

    • Popmoney is a personal payment service that is faster, cheaper, and easier than traditional personal payment offerings.

  • When you turn 18, your account will automatically be converted to a regular share account. If you have a checking account, you will no longer be required to have an adult joint on your account. You will also be eligible to apply for a Visa® card** or an installment loan.

If you’re not already a DP Savers Club member, become one today!

Download DP Savers Club newsletter         Download DP Savers Club newsletter contest rules

*Only available to DP’s Kids Club and DP Savers Club accounts. **Some restrictions apply. +See Credit Union for disclosure information. ++Checking account required. See Credit Union for disclosure information. 3See Credit Union for disclosure information on excessive use charges.

DP’s Kids Club

For kids ages 12 and under

Parents – want to help your children learn to manage money? Then bring your children — age 12 and under — to any DoverPhila branch and sign them up for their very own savings account through DP’s Kids Club.

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DP TRADING CARDS - start playing!

DP TRADING CARDS – start playing!

By joining the club, children learn to manage money early and reap the special rewards this account offers.   

Joining is easy

Simply bring your child, their social security card, and a deposit of $5 (or more) to any of our five convenient locations and activate their account. It’s that easy.

If your child already has a DoverPhila savings account, you can sign your child up for membership in DP’s Kids Club. No additional deposit is required. (Note: If you currently have a custodial account, you will need to set up a separate account for the kids club.)

DP’s Kids Club benefits

Here are just some of the benefits that come with DP’s Kids Club membership:

  • Fun Gifts– Kids receive a postcard in the mail each quarter with an incentive to save their money.

  • Membership Card – The official club membership card – kids love them!

  • Games & Contests – Quarterly contest with cash prizes.

  • Quarterly Newsletter – Credit union news and money facts tailored specifically to kids.

  • Special Events – Celebrate summer at the annual DP’s Kids Club Day (always the first Saturday in August) that includes games, contests, and refreshments.

  • Financial Tools for Kids – Education is the key to success. Club activities and tools are designed to help kids learn money management.

  • Access to Banzai! – An award-winning, online financial literacy program that allows members to discover real-world finances through “learning by doing.”

  • DP Trading Cards – Collect cards and have fun while learning money-management skills and engaging with the other kids’ club members.

  • And More!

Early education is crucial to adopting lifelong money management skills. Working together we can help children learn to successfully manage their money. By joining the kids club, kids are given the opportunity to learn the value of saving money while also having fun.

When your child reaches the age of 13, their financial education really kicks into gear. Their membership will automatically be converted to a DP Savers Club membership. 

Download the DP’s Kids Club newsletter           Download DP’s Kids Club newsletter contest rules

Why call when you can text? Members can now text DoverPhila with their mobile devices. Click the button to get started.

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