DP Trading Cards is an exclusive program for kids 12 and under with a DP’s Kids Club account.

DP Trading Cards encourages youth to perform simple tasks that will ultimately help them become a future super saver. It uses a rarity ranking system to determine which task needs to be completed to earn a certain card and prize.

Collect DP Trading Card by completing tasks such as:

  • Make a deposit to your kids’ club account
  • Participate in a quarterly contest or savings challenge
  • Attend credit union events
  • Refer friends to the credit union

Redeem DP Trading Cards at the credit union’s main office on Fillmore Avenue in Dover for exclusive prizes* such as:

  • Gift basket drawing with DoverPhila gear
  • Chance at the prize box
  • Cash bonuses into the DP's Kids Club account
  • Pizza party for your friends

Save DP Trading Cards and trade them with other kids’ club members*.  Look for the DP Trading Post icon (below) at events to know if you can receive a trading card or for a safe place to trade cards with other kids’ club members.

                        DP TRADING POST ICON

                      DP TRADING POST ICON


There are four (4) rarity rankings and a total of eight (8) trading cards that can be earned

Ready to get started? Click on the green button below to learn how to play!