DP Trading Cards is an exclusive program for kids 12 and under with a DP’s Kids Club account.

DP Trading Cards encourages youth to perform simple tasks that will ultimately help them become a future super saver. It uses a rarity ranking system to determine which task needs to be completed to earn a certain card and prize.

Collect DP Trading Card by completing tasks such as:

  • Make a deposit to your kids’ club account

  • Participate in a quarterly contest or savings challenge

  • Attend credit union events

  • Refer friends to the credit union

Redeem DP Trading Cards at the credit union’s main office on Fillmore Avenue in Dover for exclusive prizes such as:

  • Gift basket drawing with DoverPhila gear

  • Chance at the prize box

  • Cash bonuses into the DP's Kids Club account

  • Pizza party for your friends

Save DP Trading Cards and trade them with other kids’ club members or with the credit union (main office only). Look for the DP Trading Post icon (below) at events to know if you can receive a trading card or for a safe place to trade cards with other kids’ club members.




Read a quick rundown of how to play. Click here for full rules and instructions:

  • Each year, a new season of DP Trading Cards starts the Tuesday following Labor Day Weekend.

  • Members can collect, trade, and turn in trading cards for prizes at any time during the year, but they have until the Tuesday following Labor Day Weekend to turn in trading cards to participate in the current season’s random drawing. Winners of random drawings are contacted by phone after Labor Day Weekend.

  • No purchase necessary to participate.

  • DP Trading Card program is exclusively for members 12 and under with a DP’s Kids Club account.

  • A member must have or open a DP’s Kids Club account to claim a prize.

Ready to get started? Click on the green button below to learn how to play!

There are four (4) rarity rankings and a total of eight (8) trading cards that can be earned