Everything you need to make a switch is right here. Simply print and mail the forms to the appropriate companies and/or individuals.

Three simple steps to switch

  1. Open a membership account.  
  2. Download and mail all the necessary forms below and print the checklist to mark your progress.
  3. Close your account at your old financial institution.  Verify that all checks, card transactions, and scheduled bill payments have cleared your old checking account. 

Switch Over to DoverPhila

Step 1: Click here for a step-by-step printable checklist

Step 2: Automatic debit/credit checklist
Use previous statements from your old financial institution to be sure to catch everything that went in and came out of your account that needs to be changed to your new account.

Step 3: Direct deposit change request/authorization schedule
Send written notices to companies with which you have direct deposits.  Examples: payroll, social security, pension, and child support.  Step 3.5 is authorization to schedule a direct deposit at DoverPhila Credit Union and will be retained by us.

  • To change Social Security deposits, visit: www.ssa.gov/deposit/howtosign.htm
  • Or call the Social Security Administration at: 1-800-772-1213 (TTY 1-800-325-0778)
    Note: Be sure to give them the new routing number (241280650) and account number.

Step 4: Automatic payment cancel/transfer
Send out written notices to companies that automatically take payments from your previous account.  This will notify them that you're closing your old account and you wish to change your payment to come from your new account at DoverPhila Credit Union.  Examples: utilities, car payments, mortgage payment, insurance, credit cards, internet service provider, and child support.

Step 5: Automatic payment authorization
Set up new automatic payments to come from your new account at DoverPhila Credit Union. 

Step 6: Account closing request form
Send written notice to your old financial institution informing them you are closing your account.