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DoverPhila Offers Credit Counseling to Members

Although credit counseling can provide financially troubled consumers with valuable assistance, some firms—like the ones you see advertised on late-night television—may be misleading about who they are, what they do, or how much they charge. Some credit counseling services promise results they can’t deliver such as lowering your interest rates, monthly payments, or overall debt by an unrealistic amount. They may also make false promises to eliminate accurate negative information from consumers’ credit reports.

At DoverPhila Federal Credit Union, our members can receive free – and honest – credit counseling services to help get their finances back on track. We can help you prepare a budget analysis, find where you might be able to cut expenses, start you on the on the right path to saving money, and help provide manageable goals to help pay off debt. DoverPhila can provide the guidance you’re looking for without the high-cost fees of the credit repair clinics you see advertised.

For more information about DoverPhila Federal Credit Union’s credit counseling services call financial counselor, Fred Weingarth, at 330-364-8874 extension 141.

Why call when you can text? Members can now text DoverPhila with their mobile devices. Click the button to get started.

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