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DoverPhila Commits to Five-Year Pledge for Youth Character Education Program

DoverPhila Federal Credit Union has committed to a five-year pledge for Leader’s Edge Anti-Virus Youth Character Education program for area middle school students. The pledge provides a $5,000 per year contribution to help supply the required course materials for students, cover the costs of coordination fees, and provide trained Anti-Virus mentors in the classroom.

Anti-Virus is a 10-week program that is taught in one class period a week within the regular school day. The students involved with the curriculum focus on developing positive life traits to build good character and to become a positive influence on other youth. The program is free to participating schools through Leader’s Edge and area pledges.

“The Anti-Virus program is an excellent program,” said Jack Dooling, Chief Executive Office and President of DoverPhila Federal Credit Union. “This commitment allows us to give to a program that improves the lives of our youth so we can continue to build a great community.”

Leader’s Edge is a non-profit that focuses on the development of positive values and character traits in business leaders as well as students. In September 2012, the Leader’s Edge initiated the youth character education program by purchasing Anti-Virus materials and hiring trained mentors to serve four schools and 600 students in Tuscarawas County. The program has grown into serving 20 school districts and 2,970 students in a six-county area. It is anticipated that the program’s growth will continue and expand into all of Stark County by September 2016. The expansion will allow Leader’s Edge to offer the program to 35 school districts in a six-county area with over 7,000 students annually. For more information on the Leader’s Edge Anti-Virus program, visit 

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