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Tax Identity Theft Awareness Week Aims to Educate Consumers about Scams

Identity theft is a serious crime. When a thief obtains your personal information such as your mother’s maiden name, your date of birth, or your account number, they can open fraudulent credit cards, charge existing credit cards, write share drafts, open share accounts, or obtain new loans – but did you know they can also

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What Happens When Your Debit Card Is Compromised

Finding out that your debit card information was compromised is unnerving. Unfortunately, this type of fraud is on the rise and there is no way to avoid it. Card compromises occur when unauthorized individuals gain access to debit card information through a merchant or card processor computer system. This is sometimes referred to as “hacking”

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DoverPhila Tax Forms

If you’re a previous Tuscarawas Schools Credit Union member, your interest and dividends are included in the tax forms issued by DoverPhila.  If you have further questions regarding your tax forms, please contact a member service representative.

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Tuscarawas Schools Credit Union Credit Card Conversion

On February 19, 2016, all previous Tuscarawas Schools Credit Union members who have an active credit card will be converted to DoverPhila Federal Credit Union’s standard credit card program through Elan Financial Services.   Through Elan Financial Services, members will be able to take advantage of numerous benefits such as no annual fees, a 24/7 service

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DoverPhila Federal Credit Union Gives Back $1 Million to Members in 2015

This past year marks the 21st consecutive year that DoverPhila Federal Credit Union has been able to give back $1 million to its members in the form of a bonus dividend and/or an interest rebate.   DoverPhila Federal Credit Union is a community-focused, financial cooperative controlled by its members making it possible for it to reward

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