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DoverPhila Federal Credit Union Offers Shared Branching to Members

DoverPhila Federal Credit Union belongs to the CO-OP Shared Branching Network, which means you can use thousands of credit union locations to deposit checks, withdraw cash, make loan payments, and make balance inquiries like you do here. It is convenient when you are driving around town, traveling for work or vacation, or even if you go off to school or move away. When using Shared Branching, you only need the name of your home credit union, your account number, and a photo I.D. to verify your identity – it’s that easy!  

Finding a credit union branch that participates in Shared Branching is also easy. By downloading the Shared Branching app on your smartphone, you can find the nearest location. You can also search for locations near specific addresses.  

Shared Branching is unique to credit unions.  DoverPhila is a not-for-profit cooperative credit union, meaning we’re responsible to our members and not shareholders. It also means our success is shared success so you and the rest of our members can save and borrow at fair rates. Credit unions work with each other in the same cooperative spirit to serve our members nationwide. The credit unions in the Shared Branching network agree to serve all members, which in the end helps everyone. 

So while banks compete with each other to earn more profits, credit unions are working with each other to serve our members. In fact, we have more branches nationwide than all but two of the largest megabanks – and Shared Branching adds a new branch every day! 

For more information or to download the free mobile app, visit or search for it on iTunes or Google Play.

Why call when you can text? Members can now text DoverPhila with their mobile devices. Click the button to get started.

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