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General Motors Suspends Credit Union Discount Program

After almost seven years, General Motors will suspend its credit union members discount with the Love My Credit Union rewards program effective October 1, 2015.

As a member of the credit union, you are provided with some exclusive discounts from the Love My Credit Union rewards program. One of the perks offered was with General Motors. With the discount from GM, all current and eligible credit union members received a $750 private offer on most new eligible Chevrolet, Buick, and GMC vehicles. The deal was available in addition to most current incentives and special offers if a member provided a 2015 redacted statement proving credit union membership of 60 days prior to vehicle delivery.

The GM discount program launched in January 2009 when the auto industry was collapsing because of global financial crisis and recession. The discount program helped GM sell one million cars equaling $20 billion in sales revenue, which created 400,000 credit union loans worth $9.2 billion.

General Motors ended the program because of sales demand. Auto manufacturers are currently producing vehicles in response to high demand, which relies less on incentive programs like the credit union member discount. GM has discounted other incentive programs as well.

Love My Credit Union Rewards (formerly Invest in America) is a credit union member rewards program from the Michigan league subsidiary CU Solutions Group. For more information on this program and to see a listing of discounts, please visit

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