Introducing My Mobile Money App


DoverPhila members can now customize their banking experience with the My Mobile Money App. With just a swipe of their smartphone, members can take control of how their debit card is used, monitor where it is used, and protect their card against fraud. Members even have the ability to turn off their debit card if it’s misplaced and then turn it back on when it is found.

The My Mobile Money App gives a wide range of customizable solutions for debit card uage:

  • Set alerts for card activity
  • Keep track of where the card is used
  • Know where purchases happen
  • Create daily and monthly spend limits
  •  And more!

Members can even set the app to deny a transaction before it takes place, based on the criteria set. As with turning the card on and off, card controls will not interrupt recurring bill payments such as gym memberships or subscriptions.

Who’s ready to take control? Click one of the buttons below to download the app.